Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance


The Corporate Finance Department has extensive experience and networks. It is committed to providing one-stop financing services for enterprises. We have served many different regions and types of enterprises in the past, providing customers with suitable financing solutions in different development cycles. By continuously providing value-added services to our customers, we look forward to growing with our customers and establishing mutual trust.


The services provided by the Corporate Finance Department include sponsor and underwriting, financial advisory, equity capital markets and debt capital markets.


  • Sponsor and underwriting

Benefiting from the strong support of the head office, Soochow Securities, and leveraging on its abundant market experience, reliable teams and extensive resources, the Corporate Finance Department provides customers with the most suitable listing plan.


The Corporate Finance Department tailors timetables and due diligence procedures for every client to maximize the chances of success for the listing plan. After obtaining the approval from the regulators, the Corporate Finance Department works closely with various equity sales teams to provide customers with the best equity financing solutions based on the latest market information sourced from the extensive network and branches.


  • Financial advisory

The Corporate Finance Department provides financial advisory services, independent financial advisory services and compliance advisory services to listed companies in Hong Kong, including acquisition or disposal of business or assets, reverse takeovers and deemed new listing, connected transactions and continuing connected transactions.


The Corporate Finance Department also provides financial advisory services to private companies relating to cross border mergers and acquisitions and pre-IPO financing.


  • Equity capital markets

In addition to providing sponsor and underwriting services, the Corporate Finance Department actively provides customers with secondary market financing and placements, rights issues, convertible bonds and pre-IPO financing services. We have a huge sales network, with sales teams or partners all over the world, especially in mainland China.


  • Debt capital markets

The debt capital markets business covers fixed income products and services, including product design, underwriting, sales and trading. The Corporate Finance Department has rich experience in handling bond business with state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, and real estate corporations. The types of product include investment-grade and high-yield traditional bonds, convertible bonds, asset securitization, structured bonds and private placement bonds. Issuance currencies include USD, EUR, RMB and HKD, which can meet the specific financing needs of different types of customers.